Welcome to the eSage Group Technical Blog!

Hi all,

Welcome to the new eSage Group Technical blog. Our experienced team of developers routinely come across new technical innovations and ways of getting things done in the software world and we wanted to have one place to share and organize these valuable insights. Whether it’s finding a faster way to process an OLAP cube, discovering a cool big data implementation, or just a great tool we found for testing mobile web pages, you’ll hear about it here.

For those coming from a business or marketing perspective, be sure to also check out the eSage Group Business Blog. It carries information on the importance of marketing analytics and reporting, how to properly engage and use social media, plus much more.

For developers, you’ll soon find a range of topics here covering most of the Microsoft technology stack – Visual Studio, ASP.NET, CSLA, MS SQL, SSAS, SSIS, and SSRS. We also delve heavily into SharePoint and related technologies such as Excel Services, Power Pivot, and custom Feature development. As data marts and warehouses are one of eSage Group’s specialties, we’ll have posts describing best practices and insights on big data – MapReduce, Hadoop, and more! Finally, presentation is everything, so you can also expect the occasional post on the UI layer – ASP.NET, SSRS and Excel as well as the Expression stack with SilverLight.

Thanks and stay tuned!


J’son Cannelos
eSage Group – Partner / Principal Architect